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We are homeowners in West Cobb – just like you! We moved here to avoid the traffic and chaos. We love the rolling hills, diverse architecture and convenience of having our necessities such as supermarkets, hair salons and banks near to our homes. We appreciate having the big box stores, toy storage and the rest of our weekly or monthly shopping just a short ride away on the three state highways surrounding our corner of the county. We hope to avoid West Cobb succumbing to the urban sprawl and high density development that has spread through the county. Join us and help Preserve West Cobb!

PWC Directors

Rich Hintze

Rich Hintze is the new Executive Director of Preserve West Cobb. An 18 year resident of West Cobb, Rich and his wife, Heidi, have a son attending Allatoona High School and a daughter attending Kennesaw State University. 

Ed Zenner

Husband of Cindy for 33 years. Father of 29 year old Becky. Resident of Cobb County (Acworth) for 18 years. Have no intention of living anywhere but here. Retired.

PWC Members

Dale Camp

Dale has been a West Cobb resident since 2017.  Dale and his wife Terry decided to retire in West Cobb after living in several states during a long Automotive Finance business career that included several corporate transfers.  The Camp’s were attracted to West Cobb because of its unique mix of beautiful wooded hillsides, open green spaces, and wonderful diverse neighborhoods.  They are active supporters of the Lost Mountain initiative because they believe local citizen control over key planning and zoning decisions is the most effective way to preserve our beautiful corner of Cobb County.

Kim & Ira Blumenthal

Kim and Ira have lived in Brookstone for 30 years and raised their children in the community where they have been active contributors and leaders. Kim has been a dedicated volunteer in area schools, area youth sports and even ran the “Career and College Placement Office” at Harrison High School. Ira is a public speaker, author, a columnist for the Cobb Business Journal and coaches Men’s Lacrosse at Kennesaw State University.  Kim and Ira have six grandchildren and are committed to quality of life in West Cobb.

Mike & Carole Sorrells

Carole Sorrells is a retired IT professional who was born in Powder Springs and has lived most of her life in Cobb County.  Her husband, Mike is a controls engineer for a Cobb County based subsidiary of a worldwide corporation, grew up in Douglas County, and has lived most of his life in the area. We are both are involved in numerous volunteer organizations in our church and community. Although we live just outside the proposed city boundaries, we would like to see more local decision making on local issues, particularly zoning, and that’s why we support the City of Lost Mountain.

Tom Spencer

Tom has been a resident of the Lost Mountain area community for 26 years. “I appreciate the great schools and the family friendly environment of West Cobb. I am committed to preserving the charm of my local community by keeping it free of the high density housing and commercial development that has spoiled other areas of Cobb county.”

Jim & Sandy Glasgow

My wife Sandy and I moved to Cobb  County about 17 years ago from Orange County in California  We had retired from managing our business and decided to move to Cobb County to be closer to our son, his wife and grand son (now two).  

We strongly support The formation of the City Of Lost Mountain. You can’t get any closer to local control than that.  Depending upon the County Commissioners  to make decisions for us by people who don’t even live in the area is a major “ask” with little hope of quality outcomes.

Patrick Wallace

What makes West Cobb such a wonderful place to live is that it is close enough to Atlanta to enjoy all the attributes a big city offers while being removed enough to still enjoy nature.  The green spaces and occasional ranch with horses grazing is such a nice change from the concrete jungle of so many other nearby areas.

New Member

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